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Update to a brand new WordPress Design from as little as $1500*

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• Agency-Quality Graphics • Web-sites Off-the-Shelf  •  Web-site Templates • Full Web-site redesigns • Structurally inbuilt SEO • CSS Layouts  •  Wordpress Templates  • All to W3C Standards

We are a local web design company based in Christchurch New Zealand who offer an outstanding range of custom built website templates, and more.

We don’t just sell you the templates and leave you high and dry, we install them for you on your own server, so you’re ready to go. We also have an in-house customisation service to integrate any logos, menu structures and generic images you wish to change.

If you don’t want any of that you can buy the designs, as is, off-the-shelf from as little as $1500 + GST

The only thing you need to concern yourself with is content, and that’s the easy part. Just cut and paste what you need to at your leisure and only publish it when you’re ready.

All in all, you end up with a site that looks like a brand new upgrade at 10% of the price of a new one.

Give Your Site a Makeover

You couldn’t ask for a better deal. It’s really the best of both worlds. The difference is that we go far further than the affiliate ‘template librarians’ can because we can genuinely customise our templates professionally, even to your preferred colour scheme, and then go as far as integrated it online so it’s ready to roll.

Our Web Site Design philosophy is based on simplicity.  Complication kills in our eyes.  Our aim is to serve not only our clients but their customers.  Quick, easy to use websites are the name of the game.

And being customer centric is absolutely vital because this is where it all happens. If your visitors do nothing its a virtual failure. Hit rates and click-through migh sound good but we understand that it’s the bottom line that counts.

But it doesn’t end there. We specifically aim to also serve the search engines.  Google’s Mantra is search relevance and when it comes to web design its ours also. Well developed sites index well and so they must be built right from the foundations up.

So in the end we primarily serve our clients by serving their customers and in so doing we also serve the Search Engines. We aim to do everyone in the equation a favour including ourselves.

So the foundation is based on searchability and ease of use. Everything must be easy to reach. You shouldn’t have to dig around to find anything it should all be at your fingertips.

If your site navigation isn’t easy to use no one will find anything.  That’s why we prefer top bar menus because everything’s easily found and site expansion is virtually unlimited. People read left to right so a left menu bar has to be subconsciously avoided. Either way the choice is yours as we build both.

Frustration is the bane of most badly designed websites because patience isn’t the hallmark of your average surfer.  If  a site doesn’t load quickly or leads them up the garden path. they’ll be off as quick as lightening and a wonderful sales opportunity is sadly lost. So all our templates are built for speed.

If you want to know more about our specialist design service call Peter Hatherley on (03) 981-9342 during normal business hours.

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* These prices do not include GST.