Google Adwords Campaigns That Work

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Google Adwords Campaigns That Work
2014-1-23 12:00:00

Google Adwords appear to be the internet marketers dream especially when it comes to sourcing relevant data, like click through rates, costs per action, enhanced bidding options and goal setting.

Everything is tracked, everything is diced, sliced and ultimately acted upon. It’s a technical jungle gym for every bit of market information you’ll ever need to lay your eyes upon. It seems to have absolutely everything that a qualified Adwords Professional might need.

Apart from one thing. It can’t automatically write the ads for you. So the masses look to keyword stuffing techniques that really only impress Google. This is the great trap for the would-be marketer who thinks they can create successful adwords campaigns without the inherent ability to develop compelling Adwords copy like a wordsmith can.

The inherent ability of the professional copywriter is to create compellingly persuasive ads that effectively cause people to act according to their own inner desires. This trigger to act should then be perfectly mirrored by an equally outstanding landing experience.

Syncronicity is everything in advertising, as it is in life. Perfect timing sees the perfect result.

So the secret to Adwords is adding the right words. The money words.

How to write compelling ads that match the moment. 

The great secret to Adwords advertising in in writing catchy ads that solve the searcher’s needs perfectly. The smart copywriter understands human nature better than most. In many cases behaviour is easily discernable, so by writing to appease the fears and confirm the searchers motives to the point that they’re with you on exactly the same page – is the aim of the professional writer.

Keyword matching isn’t enough. It may get you a good quality score from Google but does it match your landing pages and the marketing elements that they contain?

A local web designer recently approached me to look at an international Adwords campaign that they were struggling with.

Within a few hours I developed an Adwords advert for them that created an immediate 300% increase in conversions. This was quite significant too, seeing it was such a high ticket item in New York.

Understanding the pysche of the consumer is far better than any smart figures on a spreadsheet and this was the secret to this ad’s success.

I effectively targeted the most likely factor in the visitor’s consciousness, which was following their dream to be a chef and as soon as that concept was integrated into the campaign they immediately bought into it. But it’s predictable. If you understand the intents of the masses you can also understand their expected behaviour.

In the end it was exactly what the searcher, and the advertiser actually wanted; and the conversions soon followed.

Around 8 years ago, I developed a generic set of inspirational words that have a heightened commercial intent. Taking it one step further, we’ve now created a range of search algorithms that link these words to any number of key phrases, providing us with the best possible pallette of sales-orientated keywords that are currently available on the market.

This means that we can make better ads for your customers, that not only speak to their visitors but additionally get recognised by Google as unique content.

The knowledge of how people actually think and how important skilfully chosen words are in regards to your business success is perfectly summed up in this phrase:

Better words get better results.

If you’re struggling with your Adwords Campaign why not call us on 0508 769 379 to get us to write an ad that will blow your competitors out of the water.

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