Online Store Records a Whopping 400% Jump in Revenue!

by Peter Hatherley

Some of our competitors promote that they create websites that really sell.  Some even go further, implying that finding other sales orientated web design companies in Christchurch is just about as hard as finding hen’s teeth. It’s simply not true.

Recently we took over an online store that utilises the Interspire/Big Commerce shopping cart system from a local web developer. The orders had dropped off to a proverbial dribble so we were employed to fix that for the client.

Thankfully the Adword’s account was well organised. The CPA’s and CTR’s were performing reasonably well on the surface but the site traffic had been strangled to a standstill. It was a reasonable campaign mix for a small business with a limited budget but wasn’t really appropriate for a medium sized retail store.

The client was losing heaps of potential sales without even knowing it. After a few days we isolated that visitors couldn’t even order on any smartphone or ipad. This latent bug in the shopping cart system wouldn’t allow you to even add a product let alone buy it. This hidden fox was cutting away at least 25% of the site’s profitability, let alone the unnecessary expenditure on profitless Adwords clicks.  The client just didn’t have a clue just how much he had been missing out on, until we optimised the marketing for him.

Within weeks we had it performing at an unprecedented level. For the client it was just as if all their Valentine Days had come at once!

After creating a more compelling Ad campaign with a wider keyword set, along with more aggressive bidding, the click-through-rates went up quite noticeably.  And by the day we released the synchronised site banners, the sales went right through the roof.  The client went from  netting around $400 per day to an impressive $1600 in a single days trading and all in a four short weeks of optimisation. That’s a whopping 400% increase in revenue!

On the very same day another outstanding marketing outcome came to our attention. We’d set up a new Adword’s campaign for a personal loans company and released late on the Friday. Over the weekend they received so many loan applications that by the Tuesday morning they eventually rang us to get the campaigns paused so they could catch up. It’s an unusual problem to have at the start of any campaign but it definitely is a good one for our client.

If you want an online marketing company, locally based in Christchurch, who can provide you with an enhanced sales emphasis that our local competitors may offer, but can’t really deliver.

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Online Store Records a Whopping 400% Jump in Revenue
2013-11-11 12:00:00

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