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Since Google started optimising their search algorithms around two years ago, the methods of incorporating search-based keywords into your site content have altered dramatically. Now it is all about creating rich sematic content rather than trying to manipulate search engine results through strategic keyword placement, backlinks and alt-tags. This ‘brave new world’ of conversational search encapsulates the use of natural language processing and structured semantic indexing that is taking the digital marketing world by storm.

Noticeably, the latest Google update, called Hummingbird, is paying far more attention to every word in a query, ensuring that the full query is considered including the sentence, the context and associated thematics.

Authors such as David Amerland have presented the concepts of this new environment but to date there have been no commercially available tools that can easily achieve these ideals.. until now.

Semantic Author is a fully touch enabled web app that works on any platform. Sets are purchased through PayPal on a one-off or a subscription basis. Each word set is neatly categorised into its positives, negatives and neutral elements and generally includes around 1000 unique words per subject.



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  • CISE Research 
  • Isolates Leading Semantic Entities
  • Includes Industry Vocabulary
  • Created by authorised CISE Analysts
  • Source data for CISE Blueprints
  • Provided in PDF, CSV or XMIND
  • PayPal Payment Options
  • Special conditions apply*
  • $200 NZD + GST
  • CISE Blueprints
  • Analyses CISE Research
  • Interactive Mindmap/Synopsis
  • Includes Custom Data Option
  • Exposes Semantic Clusters
  • Semantic Optimisation Tool
  • PayPal Payment Options
  • Special conditions apply*
  • $300 NZD + GST
  •  CISE Authoring
  • Includes CISE Research
  • Includes CISE Blueprint
  • Includes Search Optimisation
  • Includes Finished Copy
  • Includes Best-Practice SEO
  • PayPal Payment Deposit
  • Special conditions apply*
  • From $750 NZD + GST


* Please Note: We reserve the right to adjust these prices for any additional research for larger than average sites.

** Our CISE Blueprints can be localised on request.



CISE Blueprint is a new-generation semantic authoring tool that offers web marketers worldwide an opportunity to produce rich, semantic content on the fly with instant access to a linguistic library of industry-based terms and phrases.

This incredible tool features Latent Semantics innovative language based technology which incorporates the links behind language itself  to connect conversational phrases, buzzwords and catchphrases directly to your industry. This revolutionary product empowers web developers, with little or no SEO experience, to produce rich content for their content marketing strategy without any in-depth training .

CISE can be purchased individually and provide a structural framework for your entire website, this includes a wide range of powerwords, search term phrases and industry keywords circumventing the traditional costs involved in old-school keyword research, concept development and content optimisation.

The technology behind CISE is unmatched.  It is a rich content tool that produces key concepts rather than a keyword generator yet it inherently provides these keywords in it’s output. This allows web agencies to integrate it within their existing processes as a direct replacement for old-school keyword research tools

It’s true good copy writing that includes unique rich content can get you further than the article spinners but semantic development allows a more structured, hierarchical approach. In today’s climate absolutely every word counts not just the major phrases within your industry.  This systematic approach also allows for structured schemas and silo drill downs that fit the increasing need for higher quality information.


This innovative new concept is what we call Macro Semantics. It is built from the foundations of language itself rather than an analytical drill down. It also transcends the language barrier. We are currently trialling our these algorithms with Spanish and expect to extend this to every European language over the next few years. H2H (Human to Human) marketing is all about focusing on the human element within your content.

Every time Google spots an industry related word or concept within its pool, that your competitors are not using, you immediately gain an edge and begin to be considered as an authority on your given subject.

For the more experienced SEO author it provides a vast palette for alternative headings, alt-tag and unique phrases that are absolutely perfect for long tail optimisation. It is perfect for blog posts, social media content, for paragraphs or catch phrases and much more. It’s scope is completely unlimited, even if you’re a novice.

You can immediately menu structures, develop titles and paragraph headers, write Adwords ads and so much more. The natural flow of a CISE Blueprint gives an immediate overview of the industry you’re targeting, considered it from almost every angle possible.

Some users find is good to review the set in it’s entirety and allow is to be absorbed and incubated then write their content more naturally where others prefer to insert words in existing copy to enhance their semantic rating.

hand with a pen drawing light bulb and globeIDEA GENERATOR
If you’re struggling with writer’s block or your client to deliver you some exciting content it’s as easy as picking ripe cherries off the tree. Just pick some prime sayings or simply flick through the lists and add them with a single tap. Either way you’ll absorb the theme subconsciously and immediately be in a far better frame to write. If you’re really stuck, try CISE to get some really fresh ideas whenever you’re writing on topic

Ultimately, it is a rich content development tool that allows you to create compelling content that reads just as well for the user, as it does for the Googlebot.

The semantic formula that Google is looking for is built right into each of these lists and even though the product’s aim is not to specifically aim for higher ranking or to game the system as such, our analytical tracking of the SERPS on the major engines has proved that it really does enhance search ranking. For instance, over the past few months we tested this out with an old-school key phrases such as “Web Marketing Christchurch” and “Website Marketing Christchurch” as these are our target market, and as of this month we are in the No.1 spot for those phrases in a virgin search.

This instantly-associative writing technique opens the door to uniquely crafted copy and a new era of more readable and accessible web content. And it’s not only game-changing as far as the web is concerned, the opportunity to utilise these powerful thematic words and phrases with other forms of media is an added bonus.

These industry related keywords also act as subconscious triggers that can instigate a dynamic train of thought on specific industry subjects and they effectively remind you of what subject matter you really need to include.

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