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Google Adwords Campaigns That Work
2014-1-23 12:00:00

If you’re needing expert online marketing advice you can’t go further than an experienced specialist.

Internet marketing is not a skill it is an art. Crunching figures doesn’t cut it at the top of the industry. But writing compelling copy and understanding local conditions are essential elements in providing successful online marketing services.

New Zealand’s market is a different animal and local knowledge is absolutely vital. Unfortunately many so-called marketing experts rely on outsourcing in India. Top ranking accounts have plummeted due to irrelevant back links and other suspect practices put in place by over zealous indian marketing companies.

Unravelling a badly affected campaign isn’t easy but it’s well worth it. If your organic rankings have suffered and you need a New Zealand based company to optimise your marketing, our backlink removal services will help.

We will assign a personal Adwords Manager to investigate your account wherever you are in New Zealand.

For Intuitive and instinctive Adwords management services you can trust Intermart to deliver anywhere in New Zealand.

If you’re new to Adwords give us a call on +643 981 9342 to take advantage of our FREE Adwords Analysis

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