Graphic Design Christchurch

Professional Graphic Design in Christchurch

We are highly experienced graphic designers with a wealth of experience in print based design and all forms of digital media. Our commitment to producing superior design can  immediately lift your brand and provide graphic design services that will cover any requirement you might have from pre-press production to newspaper/magazine advertising

We are renowned for fresh vibrant imagery and can produce traditional design, radical  infographics that we synchronise to your marketing strategy. Our ability to do any style from cartoons to corporate simplicity is unrivaled in the city.

Web Marketing Guru

Web Marketing Guru

Intermart’s Art Director Peter Hatherley has a wealth of graphic design experience on both Mac and PC  and can provide professional commercial advice for your printing and design requirements. We provide finished artwork for sign writing, business cards and brochures and flyers.

We’re a one stop shop for all your design needs for both print based material and digital presentation.

Inspirational illustration invokes the senses and we know how important that can be. Our subtle use of colour and wording provides you with ageless-designs that really stand the test of time.

A Wide Range of commercial graphic design

We’ve made innovative  brochures, logos and print work for:

Agency Associations & Awards

We also worked closely with many advertising agencies specifically DDB where we both won a Marketing Magazine award for the MobilMAX rewards based website and we also developed the Mobil On the Run promotional website also.  We also pioneered the use of online printable vouchers with On The Run.

Our strengths in graphics and animation are the icing on the cake but our foundation will always be in effective copy writing for sales and marketing.

So why not contact us today and take your site to the next level.

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