Website Marketing

Website Marketing that works

Website marketing is a specific service that centres around website promotion rather than just relating to SEO it includes Adwords Campaign development. We generally develop our digital marketing strategies with your web site acting as a hub for blog posts that are repurposed on social media platforms such as Google + and Facebook.

We have inexpensive monthly packages that ensure you’ll get have a deep continuity in your search positioning and conversions

FREE 30 Minute Consultation

We like to get to know you first. We want to understand your marketing aims for your website before we commit to a structured plan to achieve your goals. We offer a free initial 30 minute consultancy that includes site analysis. We also can provide hosting, email marketing and strategic social media marketing options. We provide deliverables such as monthly ranking reports and recommendations through our RankMinders service

Contact us to arrange a meeting about your website marketing strategy regarding Adwords management, Google Analytics reporting, social media strategies, rebranding and marketing campaign suggestions.

Market targeting and diagnosis 

Our initial diagnosis includes these following services

Website Conversion Performance

Every website needs conversions. Visibility means nothing if your content doesn’t turn into sales or subscriptions. We have software that isolates the top queries for any market and then deep trawls the data to isolate the leading entitities for that niche market

Marketing Testing recommendations

The next stage is market testing. We split test your new pages to find out which one might rank better or more importantly convert better. After this testing stage we report back on our findings. We provide professional advice that is results proven, these include:

Web Marketing Intervention

We will recommend intervention if your visibility on the SERPs drops by 20% or more. Our Rankminders packages include this warning system so we can respond to your needs on the day it happens. Google changes their criteria regularly and so we advise our clients if they need to adapt to a new playing field or not. These interventions include:

Website marketing campaigns

We also undertake website marketing campaigns to boost your visibility. These campaigns are unique to every client and depends on your current positioning. If you’re unsure if you need a site visibility boost be sure to ask. The aim of these updates are specifically targeted into

Content Marketing and development

Content marketing always need a story and when it comes to setting a frame no one does it better locally. Storylines and metaphors increase your audience engagement exponentially. We believe we have an edge in this area with specialist skills such as video presentations, cartoon development and integration and more. Your content needs to be fresh and inviting with headlines and imagery that matches like a glove. We offer:

Intermart’s groundbreaking technology that utilises our in-house language vault to produce informative infrastructures including schematic tag development and integrated silo systems

Visual marketing and digital media

Apart from being one the most experienced presentation developers in Christchurch, we develop video presentations ans slide decks that really get the business done.

Web authoring

You don’t have to do it all. We can work off existing content or scanty research notes.

We know how to write compelling content that the search engine loves. It’s like any form of expertise. Some people are born to write, some are born to design and some are meant to be accountants. Our creative team is directed by one of the most experienced web marketers and graphic designers in the city. If you’re struggling with your content be sure to give us a call. Within a few days we’ll have finished content that we can deliver exactly how you’d like it

Let us be your ghostwriter we can empower your marketing with our state-of-the-art in house tools and developers.

Why Intermart?

We are one of the most experienced SEO consultancies in Christchurch who utilise traditional best practise SEO techniques that really work. We tick all the boxes when it comes to website marketing with 20 + years in the business and a consistent desire and commitment to provide the best service that money can buy anywhere in New Zealand

We do marketing for blogs, newsletters and all your other content requirements. Allow us to provide informative engaging content for your web marketing

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