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serps-results-christchurchSearch Engine Optimisation and Marketing are not for the faint-hearted and what worked in SEO 10 years ago doesn’t necessarily work now.

Our CEO, Peter Hatherley, is a leading SEO expert with over 20 years experience in not only getting clients to the top of the search engine but in keeping them there.

We isolate money-based keywords and strong backlinks that genuinely create commercial intent. We also match those prominent keywords with highly connected concepts when we produce content marketing. Our consultants work in tandem with you to produce a high-impact power word set that can be utilised both on and offline.

Search Engine Optimisation has changed for the better. Semantic marketing is a prescription that goes far beyond the old keyword stuffing techniques of the early 2000s. Our advanced search engine tools can extract the information required to take your site higher in the search engine results (SERPs) than you could have ever imagined.

We set out to know the mind of Google by utilising in-house tools that can extract the best wording for any industry or service.  Google’s ranking techniques are all about high-quality content, links and relevancy. It cares more about what it says and it cares if your search engine optimisation techniques are white hat.

This research led us to an association with conversational language patterns which led to us supplying local web designers, agencies, copywriters and consultants. Semantic Search Engine Optimisation is the future and we are right at the cutting edge of that revolution.


Search engine marketing is mainly about semantics these days and search engine visibility and indexing is paramount for any website development. And you need an SEO consultant who knows what that really means whether you need search positioning in Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington or Chicago.

Several years ago we made a significant breakthrough with search marketing that utilises the language of association to create topical maps for any industry through our SEO Powerwords technology. This radical new form of  SEM optimisation service makes your copy sound both fresh and far more convincing, quite apart from the obvious benefits of an enhanced visibility.

Want an digital marketing consultant that doesn’t cost you a fortune?

Our SEO consultants are highly experienced professionals who provide an in-depth service that can compliment any website design. We can take a website that has been lingering on the second or third page of search results right up there with the best. According to local estimates, our pricing is extremely cost competitive, and almost twice as effective!

Our SEO InfoSpy products isolate the conceptual gaps in your body copy to give you the jump on your competitors. We specialise in creating long tail visibility as well as high profile phrases that gain traffic and conversions

Do you want body copy that really sells your product or Service?

Web Marketing infoChoosing the correct wording to influence Google is vital but it is just as important to influence your potential clients and your existing ones. Professional Content Marketing enhances the structure of your message and covers calls to action and attention grabbing headlines. This is not from your traditional viewpoint. It is from the semantically enhanced concept that incorporates optimised words and phrases that inspire action and focus.

Our wide range of Powerwords and Powerphrases cover every industry or service that you could think of. It’s all very well getting them there, it’s keeping them there and inspiring them to take action that really counts. Our marketing consultants can provide a targetted approach that will provide you with higher ROI’s than you ever thought possible

Thirty years combined experience in sales and marketing with over 20 years experience in Internet Marketing gives us an edge that will take our competitors many years to even begin to catch up. From tags, to titles, links and keywords we can provide exactly what your looking for in organinic search marketing.

Professional SEO consultants | Local experts for SEO consulting services.

Our SEO consultants don’t just talk it, we walk the walk and get the sort of results that you’re really after. We can work directly with you on Skype and provide cloud-based documents where required

Build a successful online presence with search engine marketing

And it doesn’t stop there. As a professional search engine marketing company we can create multifaceted campaigns such as incorporating Google + sites, Facebook pages and enhanced Google Adwords campaigns. Our SEO consultants are qualified to help build either organic or paid traffic or both.

We have kept several major companies at No. 1 in the search rankings for many years. Our own positioning has been long-term, we have been in the top 10 web design sites in Christchurch since 1996.  We have been contracted to do this optimisation work for the world’s largest company, Exxon Mobil, for 17 years in New Zealand, Customwalks in Italy and others in the US, Australia and the UK.

Semantic search promises much but only from those who know

Some promise the world and deliver little. Search engine consultants don’t promise the top position but we do know that we can generally get you higher than you are right now and in most cases well placed on the front page of most search based keywords

It doesn’t take 5 minutes to become search engine experts, we spend at least 10 hours a week on web marketing research also so we can stay at the top of the pack.  Our commitment is to provide the highest quality SEO services for your business

Our search engine optimisation services include:

If you need your online campaigns updated contact the SEO experts first.

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