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Looking for a copywriter who understands conceptual communication? 

We prepare powerful, strategic concepts that communicate your ideas more effectively for press, magazine and online content .

Our professional copy writing service is based in Christchurch New Zealand. Our team of content writers specialise in the preparation of vibrant content and prototyping that always stands out. Don’t be caught napping we can construct a prescription of powerful content that really speaks to your customers…

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Whether you’re based in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton or Christchurch we deliver on time, every time.

Irresistible Wording rewarded.


From inception to reconstruction our strategic content development  means that you can get cracking immediately

Your website’s wording needs to be written uniquely to cut it with Google, but also make inroads into your target market. Our word generating software allows us to create specific word sets, including power words and objections that relate perfectly to your industry and to the topic at hand. We can reword your complex content into easily read material

In fact we create conceptual copy that really hits the mark with your target audience. Our easy-to-read minimalist style engages your readers with writing styles that get straight to the point. Our in-house diagnostic techniques help us to isolate your business vision more effectively so that your customers can perceive it very easily also. Crowded content is like dead wood.


Well wired words are easy to read

Our copywriters are trained to wire thematic content that includes appropriate SEO keywords and keyphrases and most importantly, your calls to action. When I look at some websites words fail me. They would be hard-pressed to convince a bot let alone real people with the awkwardness of their words let alone their design. If you want widespread results your content must not only reflect your vision but it must appropriately ask for the order at the appropriate time

Be prepared. A badly written website has long-term ramification because smartly worded copy wins every time and our well-tested techniques always seem to keep Goggle very happy.

Today your headers, your bullet points and your general copy needs to not only be compelling rather than being purely informational as they have in the past, and that takes the skillful wording of a professional copywriter. And now even imagery must be converted into words like Google does also


Repair your website’s wording with professional copy

You can reap the results of a content-only makeover, without having to even touch your template, for half the price of a custom built web design.

Our Penguin proof writing techniques allow us to thoughtfully handcraft tightly constructed original site content. Our Christchurch based team of copy writers are always ready to help. Give us a call today on 0508 Powerwords (0508 679 379) to have a chat about your requirements.

They’re only words but …

Professional Wordsmiths create web sites that are very easily understood.

If your visitors don’t understand what you’re saying quickly, they’ll move on just as fast – like we all do. It’s called the bounce rate in web design terms and it’s measured in milliseconds

If your bounce rate is too high, Google will notice it. So in simple terms, if your site doesn’t grab your visitor’s attention, your search rating will eventually suffer.

It is a documented fact that visitors only read around 20% of your site content. So writers that get their headers and sub-headers to speak directly to these visitors will tend to get better results. The quality of the first few paragraphs particularly is vital to your online success.

Compelling copy works to lower your bounce rate and increase your conversions.

We can rewrite your entire site.

copywriting-christchurchA simple rewrite may be the only thing you need.

Wording can transform your site. Correctly layered, easily accessible copy stands out like a beacon. It can attract, inform and alert your visitors to your various points of difference, in the most efficient way possible.

Simplicity works and complexity boggles. If you really want to get your message heard, seriously you’re better off to keep it as simple as you possible can.

Decluttering existing copy

We can declutter your current website, streamlining it down to easy-to-read sentences and paragraphs. Bringing space and uniformity and professionality to the party. Untangling bad copy that nobody has the time to read, is our speciality.

Writing to your customer.

Every web page is like a sales person in disguise. Good writers write to the client just as the sales person speaks to their buyer.

But on a web page you’ve got to consider their potential objections in advance, as if they were there outside of time. There’s no doubt that sites that are easy to read, and answer questions quickly, are the ones we prefer.

Remember it’s all about ‘them’. They only want to know what’s in it for them. So if you write all about yourself, they’ll feel like they weren’t even invited to the party.

And if it’s done right you’ll know about that soon enough! Copywriting that speaks directly will always result in increased conversions and increased profits.

The best advertising agencies in the world write to 8-9 year olds. Not because they’re trying to dumb people down but because their reach is greatly increased by aiming at that lowest common denominator. We currently test all our sites to this benchmark.

By planting the seeds of simplicity, and cutting through all the jargon, you can make sure that your visitors clearly understand both you and your company.

How Powerwords work

power copywriting with powerwords

Every site needs attention grabbers, unique selling propositions and calls-to-action. These are usually found in paragraph headers or onsite graphics. They are perfect places for a call-to-action.

Powerwords are a collection of known phrases that enhance sales copy

Each header must deliver on it’s promise, within it’s own paragraph. If not, you’ve lost them.

Offers need to be simple and easily accessed at all times. Remember alternative offers usually result in increased sales.

Cartoons can also be used for attention grabbers. These can deliver powerful marketing messages in an entertaining way. Humour is a powerful motivator, especially when it’s done in the right place.

See the Pooman

Write to entertain and engage

No one likes a dry old textbook but everyone loves a novel. Google is looking for relevancy and so are your clients.

So keyword stuffing just doesn’t work. It may get you to the top of the engines but it fails at the most important step, your customer.

On the other hand, if your site is easy to read your vistors are given systematic proof that they have truly arrived at their expected destination.

We write the copy first and foremost and then consider the keywords second. Google is far more convinced by unique and relevant content these days than keywords. So by making your content compellingly different you not only target your most important group but you also end up impressing Google, at the very same time.

Copyrighting for Adwords

Adwords are the shortest adverts on Earth. But potentially the most powerful ones.

An Adwords’ headline allows only 25 characters. The body copy allows only 70 characters, including the spaces.

This is where writing in short powerful phrases really helps. You need to be concise just like a tweet on Twitter. The header must grab the attention. The body copy should hold it and the call to action should seal it.  This area allows for 2-3 short sentences so you need to get your point across quickly and effectively.

This is a skillful art and shouldn’t be considered lightly. We have seen conversion rates change dramatically just by the alteration of one or two words in the ad copy or header.

Once a viewer clicks on your link, they go to your landing page. This must also perfectly mirror your ad. The searcher is looking for more information on the landing page and if you don’t provide that relevance, the opportunity is lost.

The ad should be like the seed and the landing page the fruit. If it isn’t, you need to rework them both so they match properly.

And remember, its not the number of hits or your click through rate, it’s the quality of those hits that really count and that’s where keyword selection is absolutely vital in the professional copy writing process.

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