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Increase your conversions and call volume with Google AdWords. If you don’t know what they are they’re the ads found right at the top of the Google search results

AdWords Adverts that work

There is a fine line between well-written adverts that convert and ads that attract the tyre kickers. A lot of companies have the credentials but let juniors run your account.  Creative advertising requires an insight into how people think and fulfilling their wants and desires which few know at an early age. Bad ads cost you money and good ads convert. Rewording a short ad can work wonders and a headline that engages is like pure gold.

Reach your audience

Getting the demographic is vital but saying the right thing to them when they’re there is absolutely crucial. If you want to drive campaigns that make a difference you need a partner that knows how to optimise Adwords campaigns effectively

Keyword research

We map out the leading phrases for your industry that have clearly established channels of commercial intent. We extend these through the use of our in-house tools to find niche targets at lower price ratios. We specifically look to minimalise wastage through the use of exact rather than broad match key phrases along with the use of negative keywords to isolate the tyre kickers before they click.

Experienced Adwords Consultants

Our experienced AdWords consultants and wordsmiths know how to create compelling short form content that not only reaches your market but converts at prices you can afford. We know how to get really high-quality scores that can save you money on bidding and sales based landing pages and funnels that convert better. We know how to produce ad schedules that reach the right people at the right time and at the right price. Practical experience makes a huge difference when it comes to your budget and your ROI whether they call or click, on search or display advertising.

We utilise hidden insights into digital advertising along with best practise protocols that get real results that really matter

In-depth AdWords reporting

AdWords offers a wide array of reporting facilities. Measuring the right indicators is critical. From click through rates to impressions we know how to read the results and report back to you in layman terms. Our comprehensive monthly reports provide the data you need to determine not only your budget but where it is best spent

Bidding is an art and knowing when to up your bid is intuitive to an AdWords specialist and difficult for a novice. Professional skills that have been honed through practical experience don’t come after getting a qualification exam that takes around 3 hours study, it comes after 10 years at the coalface advertising a wide range of businesses and services

From managing remarketing campaigns to making full use of the various extensions available to advertisers in 2017. We have a close liaison with the Google AdWords team that keep us fully informed on advances in their programs and ways to optimise your account and your campaigns ever further

We don’t just track your results on Google Analytics, we provide

Factors such as

Setting up or reorganising your Adwords account

We can set up your account, your analytics tracking, billing or manage your current campaigns. From landing pages to video remarketing our long term experience with campaign management makes the difference

Getting your visitors to click your link is not enough your landing page requires calls to action that will lead to conversions. Our experienced copywriters can optimise your landing page to not only reach your customers but to also rank higher in organic search also.

Developing campaigns that are easier to manage

Structuring your account is vital and making information accessible and easy to manage is far more important than it seems. Many novices set up accounts to fail through unnecessary complexity. We set up campaigns that save you time and money when they need to be updated

Whether you’re targeting mobile users or desktop users we can make these distinctions within the structure

Google Adwords is a great way to build your brand

Get on track with the traffic that converts. Performance is everything when it comes to AdWords, our experienced account managers increase visits, extend your reach, improve turnover and extend your bottom line

Performance is everything when it comes to AdWords, our experienced account managers increase visits, extend your reach, improve turnover and extend your bottom line

Things have changed

Things have changed. In the early 21st Century you could get a top position in SEO and it was enough. Today it doesn’t work like that. Don’t get me wrong SEO is good, very good. It just isn’t as good as it used to be before Adwords. The best case scenario is using Adwords combined with an advanced SEO strategy. Optimally you’ll get more exposure using pay-per-click than one option alone

Today you have the top positions taken by Google Adwords, then every now and then you’ll get two or three organic listings underneath that, then underneath in high traffic zones you have a localised Google MyBusiness map, say Christchurch for example, with the three top links showing just underneath.

So all in all, your top SEO position, in some cases, can be as bad as 7th on the list and in the best case scenario when Adwords appears without the maps, you may show  up at No.2 and even sometimes you can appear as low as No.4

You could say “..  if there’s no Adwords it would be first”, and that’s true enough. But the truth is if there’s no smoke there’s no fire.  If someone isn’t advertising there, it probably isn’t worth targeting it.

What’s even better is that our advanced SEO techniques allow you to get higher quality scores and save a whole heap money on click-throughs

But that’s not the full story. Our fixed cost solutions mean that you profit most with increased sales. We also provide a dual-pronged internet marketing plan with organic SEO targeting especially in niche areas where the competition is less than the high traffic zones.

So what is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords are the text based adverts that appear at the top of Google‘s search results. If there aren’t any showing there, no one is advertising under those keywords.

A lot of people jump in the deep end with Adwords, without knowing the real consequences. Our advice is that you better have deep pockets before you start because doing it that way is really learning the hard way and a lot of advertisers can easily get burnt.  Exposing profitable niches means more skilful budgeting and this is where experienced campaign management really pays with higher conversion rates with a lower cost per click.

We know it because we’ve been there before, and we know how to fully optimise your spend by getting your Adwords campaigns that generally rate 10/10 or more on search relevance.

Google also provides a system called Adsense which appears on other site’s pages. These tend to have far fewer click-throughs but can be extremely cost effective for certain niche products.

Online Success with Google Adwords in New Zealand

Adwords is not about statistics it’s about cash in the bank and what’s the use of pretty figures when it’s not mirrored in reality. We deliver with professional Adwords campaign management, New Zealand wide. Our in-house analytics provides real data that leads to real profit

When we look at a local Adwords campaign for example for Auckland, we always aim for higher conversions and better search positioning, if we don’t think the product or service might work or be financially viable. We’ll let you know from the outset.

Sometimes a print-based campaigns, radio and TV campaigns can work very nicely in combination with an Adwords campaign. We’re here to help having had a wealth of experience in traditional sales and marketing for many years. We don’t just talk it, we walk it.

How can I optimise an Online Campaign targeted to Christchurch?

We can take existing Adwords Campaigns and take them to the next level wherever you are in New Zealand, we can help! Pay per click management is not for the faint-hearted. We analyse Google Trends and Analytics to isolate the best key phrases to target

Wherever you’re at, it’s very likely we can advise you with the exact expertise you need. We know some companies try to do this in-house but when it comes to wording, adverts need to be crafted by the experts to get the results you need.

Just contact us to find out what our Adwords consultancy or our Adwords Campaign Management packages may cost you. You’ll be surprised how much can be made by simple tweaks and subtle changes. After all, it’s our job to know how it’s done.

If you want to take your Adwords campaign to the next level contact us now on (03) 981-9342 or by email

We’re the Local #1 Adwords Experts based in Christchurch delivering NZ wide

We’ve had over 10 years experience with Google Adwords Campaign Management and our click-through-rates (CTR‘s) and conversion ratios really prove it.

Some campaigns have averaged over 20% CTR‘s for more than two years and our conversion rates can be well above 15% of that targetted traffic.

Everything has to match. The wording of the header, the body copy of the ad, even the link is important. The positioning is paramount. Even more so the landing pages must speak the same message because if it doesn’t sub-consciously click, it won’t work.

But when it does it’ hits the sweet spot and they order appropriately.  From there the funds are deposited directly into your bank account, even overnight.  You know, it’s a great feeling waking up to a wad of pre-paid orders waiting in your inbox.

You see, experience is everything when it comes to writing Adwords that really work and the secrets we have can be your secret also. You can ensure top place positioning for your products or service and an even better response.

You not only have to draw the people in major lanes you have to draw those with commercial content and not appeal to the tyre kickers. And thats where Intermart’s unique hyper targeting comes in because certain ads can get great click-throughs with little conversion.

Superior Adwords Campaign Management

We also offer Campaign Management Packages.

Some campaigns are limited time offers, some are long term strategies and we can tailor make your campaign to fit your budget.

Our plans can include host provision, click fraud surveillance AdWords management and even professionally designed templates for free* for packages over 6 months

The key is that AdWords campaigns are like mowing your lawn, they start looking really good but if it is not maintained it can turn out to be increasingly ineffective and competitors that are keeping a close eye on the state of play can make mincemeat of unattended campaigns.

The Real benefits of Intermart‘s Hypertargetting

What is Hypertargeting? Well it’s an in-house technique we use to make sure your local business opportunities are optimised.

Its about targeting your customers, about targeting their needs, their locality and much more.

Obviously, we can’t say too much about our technique because we don’t want our competitors to know it but one thing we can do is assure you that the technique works.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do Intermart‘s hyper-targetting will take your online business to the next level.

If you want to hyper-target new customers now, contact us now on (03) 981-9342 or 021 2306 736



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