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The Intermart branding was developed by slicing and dicing the key phrase, ‘Internet Marketing’.

You might ask, what is Digital Marketing?

There are two sides to it.

Search Engine Ranking is a science and our professional, cost effective, SEO solutions are 100% guaranteed as being locally managed so you won’t have any nasty shocks with offshore back-link merchants..

Do I need a Web Marketing Strategy?

Strategic website marketing is absolutely vital to your online success as it is the lifeblood of your e-business, and your public relations . We create personalised internet marketing plans strategically tailored to suit your budget and your corporate identity.

Our professional SEO Consultants can isolate qualified traffic through our range of e-business solutions and SEO tools. By thoroughly analysing Google Trends and by writing effectively to achieve significant organic search results through content marketing that includes the undertanding of commercial intent. We also specialise in creating Adwords Campaigns that keep you in your prospects eye more often than not. By utilising our SEO tools, such as Keyword Author, we are able to significantly out-perform others who are only still stuck in the old SEO model. These dynamic keyword sets are also extremely effective in producing online advertising campaigns. The ThemeMatrix wordsets make Keyword Author one of the best SEO tools in the world. You can also order these dynamic wordsets in PDF format.

Our highly experienced internet marketing firm can provide you with finished copy to replace your current wording. Tag all your images. Set up your microdata and Dublin Core so that your blogs get really seem and make sure Google is seeing you exactly the way that you want them to see you. By directing qualified traffic to your website, your landing pages, your Facebook page, on YouTube and your Twitter account.

Marketing on the web is not for beginners it requires a high level expertise. That’s why there are website developers and website designers. Both require specialist skill sets. We have marketed, tracked and built 100′s of top ranking websites over the past 18 years.

Most of our recently optimised sites enjoy a top three organic positioning (at the minimum) for their chosen keyphrases. In fact most are positioned at No.1. for a wide range of  long-tail keywords and have maintained their positioning long term. We can help entrepreneurs who entering the market or well established marketers who are just looking for that extra edge. Internet marketing results does come with a click of the fingers they require strategic planning, professional web design, strategic analytic goals and social media marketing

From pay-per-click, organic search optimisation and search marketing (SEM) our results speak for themselves with lowered CPA’s (costs per action) and lowered CPC’s (cost per click) while increasing the CTR’s (click through rates) we provide a measurable media mix through our linguistically enhanced Adwords adverts along with our monthly analytic and tracking reports packages.

We also produce display banner advertising that runs on every platform including iPads and iPhones. We also produce HD YouTube videos for business marketing.

Our enhanced marketing servicesinclude:

Creating Catch Phrases that Sell.

Additionally, our ability to write compelling catch phrases that produce higher CPA’s for our clients are more than legendary. These compelling catch phrases are incredibly useful for every form of internet and traditional marketing. Our proprietary in-house resources allow us an incalculable creative edge over our competitors in both the web marketing industry and elsewhere. These catchphrases intrinsically attract higher quality scores from Google whether they’re utilised on landing pages or pay per click adverts.

Experience Really Counts

We have 13 years in-depth Adwords Management Experience and have been tracking behavioural usage since the very beginning of the net. This is further enchanced by our use of visual click tracking on a page by page basis. Our ability to read these markers and react accordingly gives you the edge over your competitors. 

Tracking and Analytics Analysis

By effectively tracking and responding to the in-depth analytics we receive via Google Adwords, SEO reporting software and other in-house software, we can decisively make quantified decisions regarding your bidding options, SEO tweaking and effectively save you money in the long term while receiving far stronger financial results in the short term.

We know that well chosen words are the lifeblood of your business and so we focus on talking directly to your potential customers via the website, to give them confidence that your produce or service is really what they’re after. Effective marketing always starts at Google, the generic listings are your most powerful option, even today, the rest are just a bonus.

Sales and Marketing Online

We are professional, sales-orientated wordsmiths that effectively target niche markets that you never knew existed. We don’t chase phantoms we chase real people with quantifiable  opinions. In fact we hyper-target them and then speak to them in the language they really want to hear effectively turning them into long-term customers.

Our focus on discerning commercial intent means that you will get quality targeted web traffic. Because after all its not the hits you get that count it’s the quality of those hits. And when they come to your web site you need to know that what they will be informed in such a way that your web marketing efforts will truly receive the result that you desire.

See our SEO Checklist here.

When you’re on the right track there’s joy in the journey

There’s a huge difference between pretenders who hype it up and those who know what they’re doing when it comes to website marketing. Statistics are not enough. Marketing is an art that should be in the hands of experts, if you’re really serious about succeeding online contact us first.

We don’t just make web sites, we make web sites so our clients achieve far more than they ever expected.

So what are your customers after?

You see words are in art, in marketing, in everything if the truth be known. They are the foundations of the world  itself, they wire everything we do, and those who design without the knowledge of their power will always get inconsistent results.

FREE Adwords SEO Analysis

Take advantage of our free SEO audit option to find out what we could do for you for your online presence. Remember even though we’re based in Christchurch we deliver throughout New Zealand, Australia, The UK and Europe and the US.