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soCompelling proof that Intermart’s CISE based optimisation works
SEO has changed. The rise of semantically optimised content is a phenomena that can’t be ignored especially if it’s getting the results that SEO analysts only dream of

We’ve been using CISE for our local SEO clients here in Christchurch and throughout New Zealand for over 3 years now. These current results show just how powerful CISE based SEO Optimisation really is. The most compelling part is that our search optimisation is highly consistent over a wide range of industries

Doing AdWords? No worries the best mix these days is through using the powerful combination of both Adwords and organic optimisation

Ranking is easy with Intermart. Others promise much and deliver little. With Intermart you can be absolutely assured that we will give you 100% effort to see you in the very same place as these highly satisfied local clients



The Red Boats Auckland No.1


Solas Propellers No.1  supplier for Propellers in NZ  No.1 for all major propeller brands in New Zealand


Acuclinic No.1  Acupuncturists

Ranking No.1 for every main keyword phrase in their industry


Prime Plastering No.1 Plasterers

Prime Plastering No.1/2 for over 30 key search phrases


Pooman No.1 Drainlayers 

Pooman ranking in top 3 for over 30 key phrases

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Please note these are local listings from the Google New Zealand engine. So the results may vary slightly overseas

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