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SEO is Alive!

SEO is Alive!
Every now and then we see posts proclaiming that SEO is dead but in general terms it falls on deaf ears because professional web marketers know full well that it is alive and kicking.

I even fell for the trap myself once and enthusiastically trumpeted that semantic optimization had ascended to the throne but I quickly came down to earth when I saw the reaction. The reality is that SEO is not dead rather it’s evolved into a vibrant new industry called Digital Marketing.

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Semantic SEO Consulting

soCompelling proof that Intermart’s CISE based optimisation works
SEO has changed. The rise of semantically optimised content is a phenomena that can’t be ignored especially if it’s getting the results that SEO analysts only dream of

We’ve been using CISE for our local SEO clients here in Christchurch and throughout New Zealand for over 3 years now. These current results show just how powerful CISE based SEO Optimisation really is. The most compelling part is that our search optimisation is highly consistent over a wide range of industries

Doing AdWords? No worries the best mix these days is through using the powerful combination of both Adwords and organic optimisation

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Conversational Semantics

Thematic meaning in the real world

Conversational voice search is the step that moves away from semi-robotic queries and clarifies the absolute need for developing superior semantic meaning in search technology.

But take it even one step further and it gets even more exciting.

I’m talking about the use of conversational semantics in real time communication in the real world. This worldwide phenomena is not just about the digital world but has the potential to improve comprehension and understanding worldwide.

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Semantic Search Optimisation

What does semantics mean?

Semantics is the really big word in SEO circles these days. But what does “Semantics” really mean.

Well it doesn’t mean a bunch of long-tail keywords masquerading as semantically linked key phrases that’s for sure

Google put’s it this way:




noun: semantics; noun: logical semantics; noun: lexical semantics

1. the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. The two main areas are logical semantics, concerned with matters such as sense and reference and presupposition and implication, and lexical semantics, concerned with the analysis of word meanings and relations between them.

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How to Get a Top Search Ranking in 2014

How to Get a Top Search Ranking in 2014
2013-12-13 12:00:00

When we meet someone for the first time we gain an instant impression of them. As they say, first impressions count.

And in the real world it’s true, what they look like, how they come across and ultimately what they say is important.

The difference with Google is they look at everything in greater depth, the robot scans and rates your use of conversational terms and even the depth of association to the actual subject at hand. In their relentless pursuit of perfection they are looking for their ultimate match.

They make a judgement call whether everything fits according to their view of a ‘good’ website. Increasingly this relates to the nature and quality of your copywriting, your speed and your relevance.

But is your site that perfect match? The thing is you’ll know soon enough by your ranking!

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Google Adwords Campaigns That Work

Google Adwords Campaigns That Work
2014-1-23 12:00:00

Google Adwords appear to be the internet marketers dream especially when it comes to sourcing relevant data, like click through rates, costs per action, enhanced bidding options and goal setting.

Everything is tracked, everything is diced, sliced and ultimately acted upon. It’s a technical jungle gym for every bit of market information you’ll ever need to lay your eyes upon. It seems to have absolutely everything that a qualified Adwords Professional might need.

Apart from one thing. It can’t automatically write the ads for you. So the masses look to keyword stuffing techniques that really only impress Google. This is the great trap for the would-be marketer who thinks they can create successful adwords campaigns without the inherent ability to develop compelling Adwords copy like a wordsmith can.

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Online Marketing Specialists

Google Adwords Campaigns That Work
2014-1-23 12:00:00

If you’re needing expert online marketing advice you can’t go further than an experienced specialist.

Internet marketing is not a skill it is an art. Crunching figures doesn’t cut it at the top of the industry. But writing compelling copy and understanding local conditions are essential elements in providing successful online marketing services.

New Zealand’s market is a different animal and local knowledge is absolutely vital. Unfortunately many so-called marketing experts rely on outsourcing in India. Top ranking accounts have plummeted due to irrelevant back links and other suspect practices put in place by over zealous indian marketing companies.

Unravelling a badly affected campaign isn’t easy but it’s well worth it. If your organic rankings have suffered and you need a New Zealand based company to optimise your marketing, our backlink removal services will help.

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Online Store Records a Whopping 400% Jump in Revenue!

by Peter Hatherley

Some of our competitors promote that they create websites that really sell.  Some even go further, implying that finding other sales orientated web design companies in Christchurch is just about as hard as finding hen’s teeth. It’s simply not true.

Recently we took over an online store that utilises the Interspire/Big Commerce shopping cart system from a local web developer. The orders had dropped off to a proverbial dribble so we were employed to fix that for the client.

Thankfully the Adword’s account was well organised. The CPA’s and CTR’s were performing reasonably well on the surface but the site traffic had been strangled to a standstill. It was a reasonable campaign mix for a small business with a limited budget but wasn’t really appropriate for a medium sized retail store.

The client was losing heaps of potential sales without even knowing it. After a few days we isolated that visitors couldn’t even order on any smartphone or ipad. This latent bug in the shopping cart system wouldn’t allow you to even add a product let alone buy it. This hidden fox was cutting away at least 25% of the site’s profitability, let alone the unnecessary expenditure on profitless Adwords clicks.  The client just didn’t have a clue just how much he had been missing out on, until we optimised the marketing for him.

Within weeks we had it performing at an unprecedented level. For the client it was just as if all their Valentine Days had come at once!

After creating a more compelling Ad campaign with a wider keyword set, along with more aggressive bidding, the click-through-rates went up quite noticeably.  And by the day we released the synchronised site banners, the sales went right through the roof.  The client went from  netting around $400 per day to an impressive $1600 in a single days trading and all in a four short weeks of optimisation. That’s a whopping 400% increase in revenue!

On the very same day another outstanding marketing outcome came to our attention. We’d set up a new Adword’s campaign for a personal loans company and released late on the Friday. Over the weekend they received so many loan applications that by the Tuesday morning they eventually rang us to get the campaigns paused so they could catch up. It’s an unusual problem to have at the start of any campaign but it definitely is a good one for our client.

If you want an online marketing company, locally based in Christchurch, who can provide you with an enhanced sales emphasis that our local competitors may offer, but can’t really deliver.

Let’s talk!

Call us today on Freephone 0508 769 379

Online Store Records a Whopping 400% Jump in Revenue
2013-11-11 12:00:00

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Perfect Internet Marketing

Perfection is a fleetingly impossible goal for most, especially in the online marketplace.

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Advanced Adwords Solutions in New Zealand

by Peter Hatherley
Advanced Adwords Solutions in New Zealand
2014-1-23 12:00:00

Google Adwords Marketing is on the rise in New Zealand.

Many small businesses are now seeing the commercial benefits of a well-targetted Google Adwords Campaign, but lack the experience.

I see some of my competitors are now jumping on the bandwagon, touting themselves as “experts” that can turn your campaigns right around.

We’ve been Adwords Experts since 2003 and we are right on the cutting edge of current Adwords Ad design and campaign management throughout New Zealand, Australia, the US & Europe. We have managed nearly $1,000,000 of expenditure for our Adwords clients, and have a wealth of knowledge on how to write ads that REALLY DO SELL.

We know how to isolate the buyers thinking processes, expand niche markets, cut expenses and much, much more.

If you’ve got a bloated campaign that’s just costing you money hand over fist. Why would you want a part-timer to take it over instead of an expert?

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