Advanced Adwords Solutions in New Zealand

by Peter Hatherley
Advanced Adwords Solutions in New Zealand
2014-1-23 12:00:00

Google Adwords Marketing is on the rise in New Zealand.

Many small businesses are now seeing the commercial benefits of a well-targetted Google Adwords Campaign, but lack the experience.

I see some of my competitors are now jumping on the bandwagon, touting themselves as “experts” that can turn your campaigns right around.

We’ve been Adwords Experts since 2003 and we are right on the cutting edge of current Adwords Ad design and campaign management throughout New Zealand, Australia, the US & Europe. We have managed nearly $1,000,000 of expenditure for our Adwords clients, and have a wealth of knowledge on how to write ads that REALLY DO SELL.

We know how to isolate the buyers thinking processes, expand niche markets, cut expenses and much, much more.

If you’ve got a bloated campaign that’s just costing you money hand over fist. Why would you want a part-timer to take it over instead of an expert?

I’ve recently taken over some of these floundering local accounts, only to be surprised by the lack of experience!


One campaign couldn’t even be seen on an iphone, an ipad or any sort of smartphone, cutting out a huge potential revenue for some years. It was even using the negative keyword “new” that was required when targeting phrases that actually needed “new” in them such as “New Zealand.”


On the very day we got it to where it should’ve been originally, the revenue jumped by a whopping $1200 in a single day.

Fortunately, an Adword’s account allows you to review the previous marketing campaigns to see exactly where the previous managers went wrong.

This account has had four local managers. Some were better than others but our results have far exceeded any of the other attempts to optimise this account. The revenue we gained in July mirrored the revenue for months that usually  include Mothers Day, Christmas or Valentines Day, not the second to last month of winter!

So what would you choose, someone who says they’re an expert or someone who is

But, hey, it’s your money that they’re playing expert with …

So buyer beware, the Adword’s expert may not even be one! And even worse if you go to the even bigger companies they’ll assign a junior to your job and the results are, well, underwhelming. When we say that we’re Google Adwords Specialists we really mean it.

It’s your choice. You could go for the higher click through rate or you could go for the ones that get better conversions

Look forward to talking with you regarding your campaign needs

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