Want to design a cutting-edge website marketing campaign?


So you’re looking to build a new website to extend your reach?

Website design is a vital component in your digital marketing strategy. We create conceptually-based web designs with a strong emphasis on user experiences. We aim to build unique websites that stand out in your given industry or service.

marketing-that-connects-with-your-audienceDevelop a marketing strategy that connects with your audience?

Marketing in the digital age includes the promotion of websites, social media pages and sponsored advertising. Isolating your demographic and writing relevant messages that resonate with your audience is absolutely vital.


Or develop your social media marketing  presence

Social Media Marketing is absolutely vital these days. Whether it’s boosting your facebook page or posts your online profile needs to be considered as an integral part of your internet marketing in 2017


Your site needs to be good looking

Web design techniques are always changing so that’s why we offer our timeless design packages* We know your site need to look fresh so we automatically provide an update for our clients, every 12 months.


It needs to have the right body language

Web pages have their own body language. A sites speed, accessibility, and connectivity are vital to online success but other factors like best practice SEO techniques ensure that Google knows exactly what to look for in your content.


 It must be uniquely engaging

 Web content has to be more compelling than ever. Google tracks bounce rates when users opt out of a website. Engaging content that resonates with your audience is absolutely vital. We aim to make relevant copy that your vistors will ready



 It must perform perfectly on any device

One design doesn’t fit all. Websites need to be responsive so they work as effectively on a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone. This is also an important ranking factor and more importantly helpful to your visitors.



Get it right and get noticed by Google

Ranking is based on a wide range of factors and our commitment to keep our clients on the cutting edge of technology ensures that you’ll rank well on Google, Bing and Yahoo. From design to ongoing maintenance we aim to keep you in the eye of your audience


Rank much higher in all sorts of places

Be seen everywhere We produce content that is semantically optimised. This means that you’ll not only rank for major search terms but you’ll be found in long tail searches isolated by Google RankBrain.


Our designers have years of experience

We’ve been producing websites since 1996. This priceless knowledge ensures that your website is being designed by highly qualified developers who know what they’re talking about. Whether it’s for the web, video, SEO, social or print.



Make it happen with Intermart

Rely on a company that has the professional expertise to make you look good online. We can take your website and it’s marketing to the next level and produce tangible and quantifiable results that improve your bottom line.

About Intermart

Intermart New Zealand is a leading web design development & marketing company. Our experienced developers provide site building services and high-profile social media marketing on Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ . Our market-leading search engine optimisation strategies produce highly relevant content that ultimately gets ranked and read by your online audience.

Our professionally trained developers produce compelling, code-perfect websites that aim to actively engage your audience. Our marketing consultants work closely with you to understand your online aims producing realistic conversion goals through focused sales funnels and  tweaks that improve your user experience. Our SEO based copywritersgraphic designers and coders work together to ensure that your website is designed to perform at the highest level and to primarily convert your visitors into clients by providing fast, efficient designs with traffic that is targetted correctly.

We are also are qualified Adwords Professionals whose long-term management skills and strategies can radically improve your campaigns by specifically targetting higher quality scores, strategically bidding and cleverly worded adverts that produce higher click-through rates and ultimately higher conversion rates than your competitors.

On top of that, we’re one of the most experienced web teams in Christchurch with over 20 years experience in the industry. We’ve been developing state-of-the-art websites since 1996 We specialise in WordPress and WooCommerce solutions. We also develop custom coded apps for delivery on iPhone and Android platforms.

Be sure to check out our competitive pricing

Check out our professional web services below: Search Engine Optimisation | Adwords |  Pricing | About

Adwords Campaign Management

Google Adwords Christchurch New Zealand

Our Adwords’ advertising team can also provide your business with an unsurpassed ad quality that immediately increases your campaign’s conversion rates, and your market penetration.

We are highly skilled Adwords Managers that really know how to get your campaign really humming. In fact we can save you heaps of money by isolating non-performing keywords and at the same time increasing your sales by creating a better commercial focus, enhancing your opportunities with undiscovered key phrases for both Adwords and Adsense.

Our ecommerce and adword campaign management package opens the door to a consistent flow of income. Some of our online retailers make well 1000′s a day, 24/7.

We aim to consistently improve the conversion rates of any website that we monitor. Increased profitability comes through isolating the best metrics and tweaking them to take the site to the next level. Web  development is both a science and an art. The science is in the coding and the art is in the design. We are highly skilled in both areas.

From app scoping to touch enabled responsive websites we deliver cutting edge website design that speaks to your customers at really affordable prices … MORE

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About Peter Hatherley.

Peter Hatherley SEO Expert Search Engine Optimisation NZ

Web Marketing & SEO Guru

Peter Hatherley, the owner of Intermart, is a leading web development guru who has over 20 years experience in the online marketing industry. As a qualified digital artist and one of the most experienced SEO development specialists in New Zealand, Peter brings a lot to the table, along with his worldwide team of contracted web designers, developers, copywriters and graphic artists.

Website Development Pricing

From diagnosis to direct marketing check out our affordable web designer services. From domain registration to site provision we cover every angle of the web design process.

  • Web Design Starter
  • Monthly Pricing
  • Minimum 12 months
  • Yearly template update
  • CMS facilities
  • Search Optimisation
  • Email integration
  • Up to 5 pages
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • $297/mth
  • Wordpress design template & CMS
    Brand: Intermart
    Manufacturer: Intermart
    Model: Starter
    Product ID: int001
    $297.00 New
  • Web Design Advanced
  • Monthly pricing
  • Minimum 12 months
  • Content transfer
  • Content updates
  • CMS facilities
  • Advanced SEO
  • Email integration
  • Up to 15 pages
  • -
  • -
  • $397/mth
  • Wordpress design template & CMS
    Brand: Intermart
    Manufacturer: Intermart
    Model: Makeover
    Product ID: int002
    $397.00 New
  • Shopping Cart Site
  • Multiple OS
  • Monthly pricing
  • Minimum 12 months
  • Up to 50 products
  • Custom design
  • CMS facilities
  • Advanced SEO
  • Schema integration
  • Email integration
  • -
  • $597/mth
  • Big Commerce, Shopify and WooCommerce sites
    Brand: Intermart
    Manufacturer: Intermart
    Model: Advanced
    Product ID: int003
    $597.00 New
  • Web Development Plus
  • Custom coding
  • IOS apps
  • Android apps
  • Video production
  • Facebook PR
  • SEO copywriting
  • Adwords Optimisation
  • Domain registration
  • Site Hosting/Maintenance
  • -
  • -
  • POA

  • Our monthly SEO maintenance packages from $197/m
  • Site hosting packages start from $35/m
  • Adwords Campaign Management packages POA
  • CISE Semantic Keyword Sets start from as little as $295 per set. 
Let the web experts develop your brand new web design. If you’re looking for a web developer who can produce fresh template designs, the content marketing to match or faster web hosting call us today. We can produce custom Theme Sets as required. These unparalleled  keyword sets provide a gateway to the summit of the organic rankings by providing you with up to 250 unique semantic keywords. These highly-targeted words are personally reviewed by our SEO experts prior to release and are ranked individually by relational quality. We use these sets within our advanced SEO packages. All other site developments include standard SEO as a base.

Search Engine Optimisation  Adwords | About 

For Professional Web Marketing in Christchurch NZ

Whether you’re needing professional digital web services in Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, or anywhere else in the World … We can offer your business a full range of high-quality designer templates for shopping cart websites, business websites, informational websites and corporate websites.  Our various web marketing options and diagnostic packages can be tailored perfectly to suit your budget. We recommend Artisteer templates

Call us on (643) 981 9342 today or visit the following links for more info regarding our web designer services:

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