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Intermart New Zealand is one of Christchurch‘s leading web designweb marketing and web development companies. We provide designer web solutions and marketing strategies in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the US. We also specialise in providing advanced search engine optimisation, semantic optimization and social media marketing promotional strategies that get you seen by your online audience not only on the search engines but on a wide range of social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Linked in and Twitter.

Our professional web designers develop responsive designer websites, touch screen web apps, iOS + Android apps that aim to actively engage your audience. Our consultants work closely with you to set and reach your conversion goals with skillfully designed sales funnels that are designed to enhance your user experience. We aim to create comprehensive, informative sites that answer all of your visitor’s questions, requirements and expectations.

We are also NZ based Adwords Professionals whose ad development and campaign management skills can radically improve your ROI through improved quality scores, higher click through rates and ultimately higher conversion rates.

As highly experienced web developers we can develop state-of-the-art responsive WordPress sites to specification with full e-commerce facilities (and app-like functionality) that will work seamlessly on any tablet or smartphone. We can even write your entire content or simply provide a free diagnosis for your redesign.

Be sure to check out our competitive pricing Check out our professional web services below: Search Engine Marketing | Adwords |  WordPress | Development Process | Pricing | About | Contact

Want to improve your digital marketing?

Professional Web Site Design & Marketing Christchurch NZ

Improve your ROI with a marketing partner that has the experience to get the best out of your marketing spend. 

Do you need help from an experienced web marketing agency based in Christchurch? Our professional marketing team can save you heaps of your marketing budget by providing marketing services that can radically increase traffic and turnover with lead generation strategies that work.

Why pay for a junior and get the marketing results to match? Take the pain out of internet marketing. Make it easy on yourself and your marketing budget by engaging a marketing partner that can virtually cut your online marketing budget in half.

For conceptual marketing that always stands out

Our marketing research includes in-depth competitor analysis techniques that isolate marketing angles that may have given them a marketing edge. We don’t just analyse market leading keywords we analyse the concepts and the wording that got them into that market leading position.

Advertising in all the right places

Finding the right channels is vital for any form of digital marketing. Our agency targets people you want your product or service. We isolate your market’s optimum demographic and advertise in the most appropriate marketing channels. Our strategic market targetting means that you get seen by the right people at the right time with the right marketing pitch

AdWords, Facebook & Youtube Marketing

Sometimes AdWords’ sponsored ads are not always the right fit for your marketing spend unless your ROI can sustain it. Our Facebook marketing techniques mean that you get seen by more for far smaller spends than you ever thought possible. YouTube Advertising is a growing market that can fit the right product or service

Needing to branch out into Social Media Marketing?

Professional website marketing needs a strong focus on social media. Marketing your website isn’t enough in the current marketing climate. Gaining followers and market credibility undoubtedly helps your digital footprint and online credibility.

Digital Market Intelligence

Digital marketing is in our blood. We have tools that can analyse the marketing strategies of your competitors and isolate conceptual gaps that can potentially give you the edge in your marketing approach. Our market intel is second to none as it tracks subliminal triggers not only for your market competitors and the effects that your marketing campaigns have on your target audience

Content marketing that engages your market

People come to your site for a reason. Understanding the mind of your online market and what they want is vital to ongoing marketing success. We analyse page usage and optimise your content marketing to achieve its market aims

Marketing for Conversions

We produce creative marketing strategies that convert prospects into clients. From compelling sales funnels to subliminal triggers that your traffic responds to our conversion techniques really get the coffers turning over

Remarketing that finds you

These days you don’t have to rely on search engines to get found. Semantic marketing has ensured that you need to search less to find the things you want. Your digital profile allows smart marketers to remarket back to you on something they know will interest you. So in effect, they find you rather than you finding them

Strategic marketing plans

Our marketing scopes provide a strategic roadmap for your marketing project. From campaigns to in-depth market evaluations we aim to get into the mind of your audience and answer their questions and concerns more accurately

Too busy to do the marketing or needing a digital marketing campaign that works?

Online marketing is always changing. Yet it is the lifeblood of your business. If you haven’t had the time to explore the feasibility of recent market opportunities or take your marketing vision to a new level we need to talk.

Smart marketing builds your site traffic

Every business has the opportunity to be the market leader in their industry. Smart marketing is perceptional and relates to how you portray yourself in the marketplace. It takes intelligent marketing strategies to ensure the success of your online business


From brand building to social media marketing to YouTube video marketing our strategic marketing insight provide you with market expertise that could radically benefit your company.

Whether you’re marketing to businesses in Christchurch, Wellington or Auckland, it makes absolutely no difference to us, we are a virtual marketing agency that delivers here locally in New Zealand and overseas.

Want Professional Marketing Advice?

We can meet with you to discuss your marketing needs and produce a market strategy document that can we used in-house by your marketing team

Free Marketing Quote

Get a free digital marketing quote or phone us to have a chat on (03) 981 9342


Professional SEO Specialists based in Christchurch

How much is it worth to be found at the top of Google?

Our SEO techniques are second to none.  We are pioneers in local Search Engine Optimisation not only here in New Zealand. Intermart has remained a leading SEO consulting company since 1996. Our innovative search engine optimisation formulas, especially in the field of semantics, lead the world when it comes to search optimisation.

We can cause your search ranking to jump to highly viable positions not only on the maps but in the organic listings. Semantic optimisation naturally builds top ranking content on the search engines within your industry or your online products but even more importantly they improve your relevancy.

Our exciting new Search Engine Optimisation tools allow web designers around the globe to benefit from a rich palette of semantically related words to strengthen the value of their content.  These semantic powerword sets automatically increase ranking, visitor engagement and overall integrity by a simple infusion and it is a powerful tool for building an online presence on social media platforms.

Our SEO consultants isolate keywords and techniques based on your competitors search engine result

This innovative tool produces ideas and concepts for high-quality SEO content produces industry terms and phrases that the Google bots really love. Our clients not only enjoy top-tier positions on the search engines for the long term because of our cost-effective optimisation techniques but they also enjoy improved conversion rates and page views.

Our edge can become your advantage. We can help to take any website to the top search positions within any industry, no matter how competitive it might be. There is no absolute guarantee that we can do it but you can be sure that the possibilities of your web site reaching the first page positions are very high. Our content based SEO solutions not only increase your traffic flow they engage and inform your visitors more effectively … MORE

Enhanced Web Site Sales Performance

search engine optimisation SEO Consultants christchurchSALES PERFORMANCE AT THE TOP OF THE ENGINE Any website has the potential to become a worldwide business. Our holonomic integration isolates high-quality USP’s (Unique Selling Propositions) and ensures that there are sales hooks strategically placed throughout the copy, as well as the appropriate calls-to-action in appropriate places on your web site.

On the other side of the coin. the negative keyword listings that are isolated during our Latent Semantic Analysis are extremely helpful in isolating objections prior to the event. By answering your customer’s potential problems more effectively in advance, we end up being able to serve both you and your customers more effectively. If you want to move to the very next level with your content marketing our professional writing services can give you the edge give us a call today on (643) 981 9342

Content Marketing that works

email-marketing-gold EFFECTIVE CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGIES Fresh relevant content is vital to online marketing.  We write sites and email marketing that speak to your customers. A digital marketing campaign can thoroughly revolutionise your business especially when you are speaking to the needs of your customers more convincingly.

By isolating and writing to their objections in advance, you cover the issues that they really want to know about.  Not only that our organic traffic, search engine optimisation techniques will keep you in the Top 3 without having to fork out for Adwords.

We set up your email marketing campaigns and website traffic to be monitored directly through Google Analytics.  After each mail out we can provide in-depth reporting regarding the success of the campaign. Be smart and grow your business through marketing directly to your own customers on your social media sites with inbound content that really speaks to them. Start your email outreach today.

Call us on (643) 981 9342   We recommend MailChimp

Adwords Campaign Management

Website Marketing & Design - IntermartOur Adwords’ advertising team can also provide your business with an unsurpassed ad quality that immediately increases your campaign’s conversion rates and your market penetration.

We are highly skilled Adwords Managers that really know how to get your campaign really humming. In fact, we can save you heaps of money by isolating non-performing keywords and at the same time increasing your sales by creating a better commercial focus, enhancing your opportunities with undiscovered key phrases for both Adwords and Adsense.

Our e-commerce and AdWord campaign management package opens the door to a consistent flow of income. Some of our online retailers make well 1000’s a day, 24/7.

We aim to consistently improve the conversion rates of any website that we monitor. Increased profitability comes through isolating the best metrics and tweaking them to take the site to the next level. Web development is both a science and an art. The science is in the coding and the art is in the design. We are highly skilled in both areas.

From app scoping to touch-enabled responsive websites, we deliver cutting edge website design that speaks to your customers at really affordable prices … MORE

Enhanced Digital Media Production

We are considered Christchurch’s leading website design studio with long-term experience in developing rich media content such as YouTube videos, interactive multimedia, animated cartoons and virtual hosts that really take advantage of the current level of broadband delivery and digital advertising.

Our fully qualified graphic artists can produce creative interactive slide shows and ambient music themes can really add some atmosphere to your website or app.

We have a wide range of commercial and custom made WordPress SEO plugins. Our online presentation skills include experience with the Adobe Premiere, Prezi, Microsoft Powerpoint and the Apple Keynote platform.

The only position that really counts is No.1.

Our professional SEO company provides sophisticated website surveillance strategies and in-depth diagnosis of the various metrics involved really pays off and those in the know avoid the pitfalls that inexperienced web designers might easily overlook.

Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing can really take hold of the business opportunities available to you online. Google rewards top quality content, logical menu systems and well-structured data modelling.

Our attention to detail ensures that you’ll be noticed by the major engines. We systematically cover every angle involved in a development, a project, a campaign or a site makeover, landing pages we also provide social media management services along with email marketing packages. Professional website design and web development require a higher level of diagnostic skills and this requires years of knowledge and experience.

The ability to inherently understand what your customers really want to hear also comes with knowledge. And that knowledge is absolutely invaluable to your business. PR needs to be approached quite differently these days in this brave new world of web marketing. New Zealand is a small but competitive marketplace where news releases can cause quite a stir.

Persuasive content adds considerable value. Ask us about our inexpensive PR packages as part of our add-on services.

About Intermart.

Peter Hatherley SEO Expert Search Engine Optimisation NZ

Web Marketing & SEO Specialist

Peter Hatherley, the owner of Intermart, is a leading local designer who has over 20 years experience in the online marketing industry. As a qualified digital artist and one of the most experienced SEO development specialist in New Zealand, Peter brings a lot to the table, along with his team of web designers, developers, ad writers, copywriters and graphic artists.

Our family based business has expanded exponentially to keep up with the increasing demand for our innovative web-based products and apps.

Website Development Pricing

From diagnosis to direct marketing check out our affordable web designer services. From domain registration to site provision we cover every angle of the web design process.

  • Web Design Starter
  • WordPress OS
  • Off-the-shelf templates
  • Custom design
  • Editing facilities
  • Search Optimisation
  • Email integration
  • Up to 5 pages
  • From $2500 +gst
  • Web Design Makeover
  • WordPress OS
  • Custom redesign
  • Content transfer
  • Content update
  • Editing facilities
  • Advanced SEO
  • Email integration
  • Up to 12 pages
  • From $3500 +gst
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Multiple OS
  • E-commerce
  • Sales Funnels
  • Custom design
  • Editing facilities
  • Advanced SEO
  • Schema integration
  • Email integration
  • From $5000 +gst
  • Web Development Plus
  • Custom coding
  • IOS apps
  • Android apps
  • Video production
  • Facebook PR
  • SEO copywriting
  • Adwords Optimisation
  • Domain registration
  • Site Hosting/Maintenance
  • POA

  • Our monthly SEO maintenance packages from $195/m
  • Site hosting packages start from $25/m
  • Adwords Campaign Management packages POA
  • CISE Semantic Keyword Sets start from as little as $495 per set. 
Let the web experts develop your brand new

Let the web experts develop your brand new web design. If you’re looking for a web developer who can produce fresh template designs, the content marketing to match or faster web hosting call us on (643) 981 9342We can produce custom Theme Sets as required. These unparalleled keyword sets provide a gateway to the summit of the organic rankings by providing you with up to 500 unique semantic keywords. These highly-targeted words are personally reviewed by our SEO experts prior to release and are ranked individually by relational quality. We use these sets within our advanced SEO packages. All other site developments include standard SEO as a base.

For Professional Web Marketing in Christchurch NZ

Whether you’re needing professional digital web services in Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, or anywhere else in the World … We can offer your business a full range of high-quality designer templates for shopping cart websites, business websites, informational websites and corporate websites.  Our various web marketing options and diagnostic packages can be tailored perfectly to suit your budget.

Call us on (643) 981 9342 today or visit the following links for more info regarding our web designer services: Web Design Process | Online Marketing | Search Engine Optimisation | Adwords Campaigns | Presentation Design | Contact us

Intermart Web Design | 21-23 Hanmer Street | City | Christchurch 8011 | Call us on (643) 981 9342

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